Education – Our Schools

We have Section classrooms for Elementary and Secondary School Students with experienced school staff support.


We attempt to evaluate the specific issues of each child often through formalized assessments. Once this need is determined, we set a plan in place to address the child’s goals. The common denominator throughout the program involves a traditional approach to problem solving, whereby it is presented that the child is responsible for their behaviour. As such, we utilize a bahavioural approach to problems that includes strategic planning when emotions overwhelm. We emphasize that we will work together as a team to meet the needs of the child while recognizing that everyone has responsibilities within this framework. 


Fostering Family Relations contracts with a team of professional therapists who present with expertise in a number of areas. Many of the therapists secured by Fostering Family Relations have particular expertise in addressing the needs of children who present with sexual behavioural concerns and those with issues pertaining to trauma. These experts will help children with their traumatic experience to improve their well-being and help them through confusing times and emotions.

Program Goals

To heighten self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

To emphasize respect for self, peers, elders, their surroundings, family and authority figures. 

To increase the use of personal skills, such as:
Decision making, goal setting, problem solving and living skills such as cooking and budgeting.

To increase the use of social skills, such as:
Communicating with others, community time, co-operative decision making, forming healthy relationships with peers, adults and family, increase a sense of responsibility for choices and actions, handle emotions in a rational manner, to work closely with families/referring agencies, be positive and have fun.

Family Reunification: We believe that family and friends are an important part of our children’s lives and encourage visits and contact when the situation permits.

Cultural Appreciation: Fostering Family Relations is committed to encouraging and nurturing our children and youth in care to understand and participate in any traditions and cultural programs including and not limited to music, religion and anything that can foster their cultural journey.